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When to expect your Curlee Box

Please see below more information on when you will receive your first

Curlee Box

Date of order Date of Dispatch
6th of January to 5th of February By 15th February
6th of February to 5th of March By 15th March
6th of March to 5th of April By 15th April
6th of April to 5th of May By 15th May
6th of May to 5th of June By 15th June
6th of June to 5th of July By 15th July
6th of July to 5th of August By 15th August
6th of August to 5th of September By 15th September
6th of September to the 5th of October By 15th October
6th of October to 5th of November By 15th November
6th of November to 5th of December By 15th December
6th of December to 5th of January  By 15th January 


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Once we dispatch your order delivery takes:

United Kingdom: 2 - 5 Working Days

Europe: 4 - 10 Working Days

Rest of the World: 10 - 14 Working Days